A class project from Michigan State University's "Introduction to Game Development" online course (offered via Coursera). The basic features of the game were developed using assets and instructions provided by the course. I designed and developed additional features and the entire second level.

Floating boxes are appearing and disappearing all over the place! Shoot boxes to gain points before time runs out!

In the second level, there are many clusters of boxes scattered throughout the level. Seek out and eliminate each box cluster to win! But can you find them all?


  • Be patient: can take as long as a few minutes to load, even if it looks like nothing is happening!
  • Controls:
    • Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move
    • Aim with the mouse
    • Click the Left Mouse Button to Shoot
    • Press Space Bar to jump
  • Box target types:
    • Green Boxes give you 5 points
    • Yellow Boxes subtract 3 seconds from your countdown timer
    • White Boxes adds 3 seconds of bonus time to your countdown timer
  • Glowing bright blue floors will quickly drain your remaining time. Be careful not to fall!
  • Points required to beat levels:
    • Level 1: 100 points
    • Level 2: 300 points

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