You are a Sparty, a brave Spartan warrior lost in a shadowy forest! Your only hope is to seek a Magic Rose that will transport you to safety! But how will you find it? 

As you search and, you might as well collect some spare coins along the way... Just beware the Silver Knights who patrol the forest! The Super Sparty Adventure is just beginning!

Be on the look out for one of the fabled Ability Orbs said to be hidden in this forest... It may help open up new paths for you!

In summary: Find the Ability Orb, then find the Rose! And get some coins while you're at it!


Keyboard / Xbox 360 Controller

  • Move or navigate menus: Arrow Keys or WASD Keys  / D-pad or Left Analog Stick
  • Jump or confirm menu selections: Space Bar / A Button
  • Advance in-game text: Enter Key / Start Button
  • Pause: Esc Key / Back Button

This is a  class project from Michigan State University's "Game Development for Modern Platforms" online course (offered via The basic features of the game were developed using assets, instructions, and scripts provided by the course. I expanded upon this foundation, adding features and developing an original level.

This is a retro 2D platformer that plays similarly to classic Mega Man or Super Mario games, starring MSU's mascot, the Spartan. Thus the base game's original title: Super Sparty Bros. 

I chose to expand this by making a miniature Metroid-style level, where you're free to explore and acquire power-ups that help you access new areas.  So now it's truly an Adventure!

At this point, there's only one power-up to find: the Double Jump, but I may develop this further later on.



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Nice short concept. Jumping feels off to me at times; either I'm too used to the environment giving me excessive time on edges to jump, or the actual edges of objects in the world isn't right. Losing a life to an enemy knight suddenly turning my direction, when I don't have a sword or shield, is a little annoying. Thanks for the fun.